Famous Nepali Rapper Balen Shah has announced the independent candidate for the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan city in upcoming election. Recently he was invited on air with with Sanjay Silwal Gupta. The 2 hour interview between Balen and Mr. Gupta is worth listening. Balen said that ” I am not doing it for money, many people might have thought about me standing in candidate and entering in politics for money but the fact is I already have house in Kathmandu and money is not the problem for me “

A distinguished name in Nepali Hiphop, Balen is a man who leveled up the scene with his extraordinary rap battle and music. Structural engineer by the profession but social activist by the heart, he has worked on post- earthquake construction and damage assessment program all over the nation. In this way, the candidacy in Mayor is not for the fame neither for money but it is for change.

Source: https://bit.ly/36HMmy9

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